Suncoast Technology, Inc.
We offer a full Range of Technological Services.

Suncoast Technology offers a wide variety of services to fit your technology needs.
Our innovative, professional, and dedicated team assists our clients in developing
and implementing the correct Technology solution for your needs.
Our company is committed to offering our clients the highest quality,
state-of the-art Technology services with a combination of efficiency, and long term stability.
Whether you have a small business or large enterprise, we are the right choice for you.
We do not charge hourly fees; in fact, we have no concept of billable hours.
Compensation for our efforts comes from predefined established goals, that we have
collectively agreed upon, beforehand. In simple words, there are no surprises in our billing.
We can charge a flat rate per job or we can easily have our compensation reflect a
percentage of a cost savings, a percentage of improved sales, or any other benchmark you choose.
We are very flexible.

Suncoast Technology's
product offering includes a broad array of integrated technology services such as:

Distribution Solutions, Telecom Solutions, PrePaid, Business Innovation,
Customer Strategy & Marketing, Cellular Phone Sales, Digital Enterprise,
Informed Decisions, AWS Services, & Technological Innovations

Distribution Solutions

Big Box Retailers
Chain Stores
Supply Chain

Informed Decisions

Process Automation
Benchmarking & Best Practices
Enterprise Resource Planning
Professional Services

Telecom Solutions

LD Expertise
Top Up Specialists
Alternate Routes
Platform Wholesalers
Carrier's Carrier

Business Innovation

Business Process Management
Human Capital
Corporate Security
Service Design & Operations

Customer Strategy & Marketing

Strategy and Market Research
Lead Generation / Nurturing
Customer Acquisition & Retention
Product Management
Supply Chain

Cellular Phone Sales

Web Based

AWS Services

Trade capital expense for variable expense
Benefit from massive economies of scale
Stop guessing about capacity
Increase speed and agility
Stop spending money running and maintaining data centers
Go global in minutes

Digital Enterprise

Digital Strategy & Operations
Website Design & Content Creation
Conversion Rate Optimization
IT Performance and Improvement
Marketing Communication & Public Relations



For years we have a proven track record of helping small to large businesses.
With over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, operations, IT, accounting,
legal, and top-down corporate engineering, all of our customers have been very
satisfied with our work (See our Testimonials). Although we are based in the
Miami - Ft Lauderdale area we can help you even if you are across the
country or located internationally.


The senior management with over 30 years experience have been working together for over 20 years, either running companies or helping others do the same.
All of our other partners have been working in there respective fields for more than 20 years. They have backgrounds in law, accounting,
IT management, programming, databases, human resources, sales, marketing and operational management.
Whether you need a specialist for an upcoming audit, have problems with cash flow, have been served with a sexual harassment lawsuit,
have a failing website, need to move your data to the cloud, need to make your site SSL secure, need to automate
your business processes, thinking of using a factor, have store inventory issues, have employees that have been
embezzling, thinking of advertising on Facebook, or just need strategic advice, we can help.
We are the one-stop consulting firm that will guarantee you results. We do not
charge by the hour and only collect our fee when the job is successful.
You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by giving us a call to see if we can help.


Maria M. Small Business Owner, Water Systems, Pompano Beach, FL
Great, fast and efficient. Fixed lingering network problems that prevented us from billing our customers in a timely manner. 

Dr. Dan K. Physician, Oakland Park, FL -
Quick, reliable and trustworthy. Keeps my billing and scheduling system up to date with cloud access and backups.
Also got me out of emergencies where we had ransomware, and computer problems.  A real lifesaver 

Ronny B. Small Business Owner, Warehousing and Souvenirs, North Miami, FL
Completely thorough, knowledgeable, and reliable.  Completely overhauled billing system to work
with 2+ million pieces of inventory, selling, POS, etc.  Reengineered our processes to be efficient and idiot proof.

Sonia B. Small Business Owner and Jewelry Icon, New York, NY
Very knowledgeable about every aspect of business.  Designed and carried out my digital marketing,
backend of website for sales and customer response. Also advised me on some high value contracts where they saw issues my lawyer didn’t.

Carlos S. Small Business Owner and Consultant, Miramar, FL
Fast and easy.  Set up 2 corporations, books and accounting system for me.

Rahul B. Small Business Owner, Consulting Firm, Princeton, NJ
They do their job perfectly.  Supplied me with backend office help like bookkeeping,
payroll and human resources. They are who the consultants consult.

Mike T. Small Business Owner, Advertising and Special Event Planning, Delray Beach, FL -  
Set up my backend database for large conventions, wrote / published the convention book,
redesigned website for high capacity use, set up system for convention name tags and other things I don’t remember. 
Worked quickly, and when they said it would be done on time it was.  Would highly recommend.

Dr. Amy K. Physician, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Fast and knowledgeable. Updated my antique billing system to stay in compliance with insurers
so I could get paid. Thank you

Abe N. Vice President of a Distribution Company, Deerfield Beach, FL
They supplied a professional service to us.  They helped market our distribution, enhanced
our marketing and gave us a nice database system for all to use which processed thousands of records an hour.

Beverly M. Purchasing Coordinator, Government of Ohio, Cincinnati, OH -  
They work quick and easy.  Devised a method so all of our patients could communicate cheaply and efficiently.

Pierre L. President, Trilogy International, (which is now Comcel Haiti) – 
They branded and marketed a product for our Voila product in the United States.

Larger Corporations / Entertainment Personalities / Governments

Cotas, Bolivia - Produced brand awareness and consumer
calling for them in the United States.

Motorola, Schaumberg IL & MTV Networks, New York, NY -
Designed and distributed the first “social media” product in the world.  Dubbed the “MTV-Pager”
it was ahead of its time, and was the precursor to modern day social interactions

Country of The Honduras
Worked directly with the President of the country (Porfirio Lobo Sosa) and his
officers to rid the country of telecommunications fraud.  Built mega terabyte databases
which were analyzed for open pockets of theft.  Found 12 corporations that were
defrauding the government of millions of dollars a week. 

Beyonce – Designed and produced promotional material for her B’day album

Telefonica, Madrid Spain- Produced brand awareness and
consumer calling for them in the United States.

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